New Book – Create by Emily Henson

New Book – Create by Emily Henson

Pictures from ‘Create’ – another eclectic interiors book gem by Emily Henson. In this colourful and inspiring book, stylist and set designer Emily shows us how to create a home with style and personality, without relying on acquiring yet more disposable ‘stuff’. Learn about the ‘The Power of Paint’ and how to Reuse/reclaim/reinvent – three words we love here in our house. Then be inspired to switch things up and add personal touches and memories by making some of your own decor pieces.

The homes featured are all unique and interesting, with so many details to study in each beautiful photo by Catherine Gratwicke. From dreamy rustic crockery cupboards to industrial dining, clever home office spaces to bold bathrooms it’s all in here. I’ve been a fan of Emily’s interior style since her first book Modern Rustic way back in 2013, and in Create we have a new collection of lived-in homes that are not overly styled and are full of personality.

This one is for all the thrifters, vintage shop stalkers and folks that maybe like me, enjoy finding a unique piece of furniture abandoned on a street that needs taking home cleaning up and given new home and a new life!

This book is full of – “Stories of other creative people who have decorated their homes in ways that aim to do less harm to the planet – whether it’s by shopping second hand or by repurposing things rather than throwing them away – while also being expressions of their unique style.” A great companion to anyone wanting ideas for mixing heirloom, found and repurposed pieces and then making them all work together.

Below are more beautiful images from Emily’s book and my five favourite ways to find used and vintage pieces for our home – wishing you happy winter homemaking! xxx

eBay –

Etsy –

Freecycle –

Freegle –

Streetside skips – Ask first!

Create by Emily Henson, published by Ryland Peters & Small (£25) Photography by Catherine Gratwicke © Ryland Peters & Small.

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