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Kitchen worktops are one of the most used surfaces in the home. This is why when choosing a work surface for your kitchen, selecting something that will last and not look old before its time is essential.   

How long do wood kitchen worktops last, is a question many people have when looking for a new worktop. This is a tricky question to answer precisely, as the environment in which a worktop is installed can affect its longevity. However, most wooden worktops will last for a few decades, provided they are looked after, making them an excellent investment and considerably more affordable than granite or marble.   

Wood worktops are hard wearing for many reasons, one of which is the type of wood they are made from, which is hardwood. As the name suggests, these woods are tough and especially chosen for their ability to stand up to the rigours of a busy kitchen.   

Some of the most popular wood kitchen worktops you may have heard of are oak, walnut and iroko. These woods are specifically chosen for the resilience, character and warmth they add to a kitchen.   

Easy ways to prevent damage to your worktop

Kitchen with wooden worktop
Photo by Michael DeMarco on Unsplash

There are many simple ways to prevent your wooden worktops from being damaged and keep them looking tip-top as the decades go by.  

Use a chopping board

Never cut directly onto the work surface, as this will damage the wood and leave marks. These marks can probably be sanded out, but as the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. If using a chopping board is something that people are unlikely to do, you can incorporate a butcher’s block into the work surface. You can cut directly on the butcher block without needing a chopping board.   

Use a trivet or hot pads 

Placing hot pans directly onto the work surface can create burn marks. To avoid this, always use a trivet or a heat proof pad when placing hot pans on the work surface. Alternatively, you can have hot rods applied directly to your solid wood worktop, which prevents the pans from directly contacting the wood and burning.   

Keep the worktop oiled

A wood worktop is a natural product and should be oiled before fitting and regularly to keep it looking at its best. Oiling does take a little time and effort. However, oiling will safeguard your worktop and prevent spills from seeping into the wood and causing damage.   

What if the worst should happen?   

Kitchen with wooden worktop and white cabinets
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

The beauty of a wood worktop, instead of granite or laminate, is that if it becomes damaged from chopping, spills, hot pans or knocks, it is very likely that it can easily be sanded back to its former glory and then re-oiled. This is one of the reasons it can last for decades and still look as good as ever.  

Wood worktops are an excellent investment due to their longevity, and quality and only require a bit of care to keep them looking at their charming best for decades to come.


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