Five of the Best Places to Move Abroad » Residence Style

Five of the Best Places to Move Abroad » Residence Style

Whether you are sick of where you live, just want to try something different, or are interested in making a lucrative investment, moving abroad has so many benefits. Not only will living in another country change your perspective on life, but it can also be easier and more fulfilling. Depending on your style and budget, there are so many places where you can find your home away from home. Are you trying to change your life and get happier? You can connect with a place and its people around the world. Below are five of the best places you should consider when you want to move abroad.

Costa Rica

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When it’s peace, nature, and happiness you are looking for, you might want to consider Costa Rica. Costa Rica is famous for certain details about it. It is famous for its wildlife in the rainforests. It is also famous for being a country with happy people. It is known for taking care of the environment. If this sounds like your speed, putting some money in a Costa Rican property will enable you to live a peaceful and sustainable life. The economy isn’t as large as other countries, but if you are looking for a good life over lucrative investment opportunities, Costa Rica is an enticing option.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is paradise. It is a string of islands where you can make your own world. A former British colony, the archipelago is no stranger to foreigners. Beyond the beauty of this country, the real estate market is blossoming. The economy is growing, and tourism is the engine that pushes it forward. If you want to find peace in paradise, The Bahamas is one of the best places to move to in the Caribbean. Luxury Bahamas real estate Eleuthera offers amazing properties for those who can afford it. If you want to invest in a gorgeous property and take advantage of living in an incredible place, look at an island like Eleuthera in a country like The Bahamas.


Whether you’re European and want to stay in Europe, or you have dreams of living in a romantic European country, you should consider Portugal before France and Italy. Portugal is a romantic place with a complicated history. They have great wine and amazing food. The people love hard and live. Their economy is growing, and the property industry is booming. You could even get a visa through buying property in Portugal. Called the Golden Visa program, this is a great way to enter the country and invest in some property at the same time. Before you consider Italy, Spain, or France, investigate all that Portugal has to offer.


Vietnam is a country that takes you whether you like it or not. The Vietnamese are some of the nicest people on Earth. They will kidnap you for the evening with a smile on their faces. They will take you to the best places to eat and drink. They will welcome you into their homes both literally and figuratively. Vietnam is an affordable country where you can live well for an affordable price. It also boasts one of the youngest populations and a growing economy. Once you set foot in Vietnam, you will see how special the place is. It is a great place to live for foreigners.


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Another country that is vibrant and inexpensive is Mexico. Mexico has a bad reputation in the media, but that is only a part of what this beautiful country is. In Mexico, you can live without people bothering you. You can live a great life with little money and immerse yourself in the rich culture. Whether you want to find a place on the beach in Tulum or want to dive into Mexico City, the biggest city in North America, you have options and wonders that await you.

While these five places are great when you are thinking of moving abroad, they aren’t the only ones. Think about what you want out of life and a place to live. You can find a country that matches the sensibility, budget, and lifestyle you desire. When life becomes dull and you need a change, think about moving abroad. It is good for you in all kinds of ways. Just make sure to plan well and ahead.

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