36 Stunning Fireplace Decor Ideas, Just in Time for Winter Weather

36 Stunning Fireplace Decor Ideas, Just in Time for Winter Weather

The fireplace often serves as the focal point and gathering space of a living room. Whether you have a vintage-inspired brick fireplace, an electric fireplace that feels minimal and modern or a decorative non-working fireplace, it’s fun to fill the surrounding area with beautiful elements that represent you. You may choose to adorn a hearth with beloved artwork, plants or a collection of mirrors, or decide to start a DIY project (like giving your bricks a fresh coat of paint). No matter your personal style or level of ambition, we’ve rounded up beautiful fireplace decorating ideas that work all year round.

Above the fireplace, go for vases, artwork and sculptural elements that mesh well with your design style. Plus, brainstorm creative ways to distract from your TV if your fireplace doubles as a TV stand. Don’t forget that inside the fireplace doesn’t have to be reserved for logs — you can go for a decorative tile pattern, then fill it with plants, books, lanterns or even a candelabra. If you’re really feeling inspired, it’s surprisingly simple to retile or paint an existing fireplace — or even learn how to build your own faux fireplace.

Swapping fireplace decor is a great way to transition your living room design through different seasons, from fall and Christmas to spring and summer. Go for festive greens and cozy textures for a Christmas mantel, and bright hues and fresh flowers when the weather starts to warm up. The choice is yours!

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