What An Organizer Looks For Drawer Liners For Your Home

What An Organizer Looks For Drawer Liners For Your Home

Why We Use Drawer Liners?

With what a drawer liner is behind us… understanding why drawer liners are important is paramount 🙂

Liners Protect Your Drawers + Shelves

Whether we’re lining the drawers of the kitchen, bathroom vanity or simply a piece of furniture drawer liners protect the drawers + shelves in your home. From helping stop water damage in drawers or shelves like in the kitchen + bathroom to preventing stains from oils, seasonings or spilles — drawer liners provide a strong layer of protection.

In many instances, they’ll even help stop scratches.

Drawer Liners Make Clean Up Easy

One of the things we’ve heard over the years is how much your cleaners LOVE the drawers liners 🙂 From crumbs + general wear and tear,  drawers + cabinets get a heavy dose of living. 

Having a wipeable shelf liner makes cleaning up much easier.

Drawer Liners Are Removeavble

Not only do they protect your cabinets + drawers but liners are removable. 

So, whether it’s a necessity to replace a drawer liner because it did it’s job when something accidentally leaked or it’s simply time to change the aesthetic of what you see when you open your drawers — change isn’t difficult.

Drawer Liners Dampen Noise + Can Stop Objects From Moving

One of the small but mighty benefits that our clients love is drawer liners can help dampen the noise or the “clunk” of items on a shelf. 

And they can stop objects in your drawers from moving. Sometimes, adding a container to a drawer is unnecessary and yet having a drawer liner can help not dampen the noise of things but stop them from moving around.

Liners Add Style To Your Beautiful Home

Let’s face it… drawers + shelves are typically functional necessities but having the opportunity to add a little beauty to each one of them can help motivate + encourage you (+ others) in maintaining an organized home.

It’s that unexpected feeling that acts as reminder that many of us need from time-to-time when we’re overwhelmed, fatigued or short on time..

Seeing your cabinets + your drawers lined with a beautiful liner can be that extra encouragement ya need boo 🙂

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