Ways to Add More Light Into Your Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

Ways to Add More Light Into Your Home ~ Fresh Design Blog

Looking for ways to brighten your home is a goal for many homeowners, and not only does it make things easier for you to see but generally boosts your mood, the ability to relax, and overall wellness. Before you renovate your home, here are a few things that you could do or consider planning to add more light to your room.

1. Add accessories to rooms

Pink and gold home interior design
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

By adding reflective, metallic, glass, and mirrored accessories and objects into your rooms (especially mirrors) you will be making use of all the available natural light that is entering your home as well as any synthetic light created by your lights. These objects will bounce and reflect all available light around each room, almost guaranteeing to make them feel brighter and creating the illusion of extra space. 

2. Install sliding patio doors

If you have a patio or are considering installing a patio, you could add large sliding patio doors onto your property to maximize the amount of natural light that will enter your home. You can also add patio door blinds if you are concerned about your privacy or just want to be able to control the amount of light that enters the room at any time.

3. Paint rooms in light colours

Relaxing and ambient bedroom interior
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

A simple change you can implement into your home is painting your rooms brighter colours. If you are a fan of feature walls or you simply don’t want the whole room to be painted bright colours, you can also just figure out which wall the most light falls on and then paint this wall the brightest colour as this will then help disperse the natural light entering your home.

4. Choose the right flooring

You can alter your flooring to become more reflective too by swapping out the carpet for other materials such as polished wood, ceramic tiles, or laminate flooring, all of which will help brighten a room with natural light. If you prefer carpet, then similarly to painting a room, stick to lighter colours.

5. Maintenance around your property

A few easy steps to allowing more natural light into your property could include clearing unneeded clutter from your windowsill and windows, cleaning your windows, or even trimming and cutting any trees and shrubs that may be outside your windows that are blocking the light from entering.

6. Install skylights

Stunning blue wood contemporary kitchen by Katie Brown Kitchens
Image Credit – Katie Brown Kitchens

Depending on how your property is laid out you may be able to add a skylight into a room that requires a lot of light, for instance, most people opt for this installation above their kitchens.

7. Add extra lights

Another easy fix to make it lighter in your home is to add extra light sources, such as a table or floor lamps. These can also be controlled via dimmer switches, allowing you full control of the amount of light you have available. Pay attention to where the darkest areas of your rooms are when planning where you will place these.


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