Warning Signs Of Hiring An Unprofessional Roofing Contractor

It is important to find a reputable, reliable contractor for the job and to feel confident about your choice. This blog will help you to identify some common signs of bad roofing work so that you can get quality workmanship.

Mismatched Roofing Shingles

This is evident upon a visual examination. Many contractors use multiple vendors and products can even be mixed in different jobs. Select a contractor who has a consistent provider to avoid this issue.

Use of Roofing Nails Incorrectly

Certain nails are used for specific tasks. The nails also serve to secure the decking. The wrong nails can void warranties and prevent insurance payouts if they are used incorrectly. Problems with nails include: nails that lack barbs, are too short, have too small heads, are driven too deep, or are into knots in decking sheets.

Correct Shingle Overhang at the Eavestrough

Overhanging shingles should be between 4cm and 10cm. If they are too high, they will lift up and blow away in storms. If the shingles are too low, water can enter through them. Proper installation and drip edge flashing will prevent the two problems. Shingle adhesive is a good way to attach the flashing. It also has a long life span.

Reusing Drip Edge Flaming

If you’re shingling your roofing, then you need to replace the drip edge flashing. This prevents many issues. It prevents many problems.

The Starter Shingles Are Incorrect Or Missing

It is a mistake that many DIYers make. By correctly laying out the starter row in the eavestrough, you can prevent water from leaking onto the decking.

Installing Underlayment Incorrectly

The underlayment acts as a waterproofing policy and is a good way to protect your decking. Underlayment is available in rubberized, synthetic, or asphalt compositions that are water-resistant or waterproof.

Neglecting the Attic

A roof system is composed of several subsystems. The attic is an integral part of your roofing system. In the absence of adequate ventilation moisture and heat can cause premature wear on your shingles. You will see the impact on your insulation through increased energy bills.

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