Wall Panelling Ideas and Trends For Interior Design ~ Fresh Design Blog

Wall Panelling Ideas and Trends For Interior Design ~ Fresh Design Blog

Looking at an empty wall can be as daunting as looking at a blank canvas. What will you do to cover up all the blankness and mundanity that it emits in all its bare glory? It’s a question that interior designers have wrestled with for years.

Thankfully, there’s a tried and tested solution for getting around this issue, and it’s called wall panelling. It’s an effective and versatile decor approach that can help to add character and style to a space. There are a million different ways you can use MDF for wall panelling, so whatever effect you’re looking to create, you’ll find an option available for you.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular wall panelling ideas and trends.

Intimate and Cosy/Open and Bright

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You can’t change the size of the room. But you can change how large or small the room appears to be. Wall panels can make a space feel smaller and cosier or larger and brighter. It all depends on the colours you use and the extent of the panelling.

To create a cosy feel, keep the panelling to a minimum at the foot of the wall, and use darker hues. To open up the space, install light-coloured panels. Using wall panels further up the wall will draw eyes to the ceiling, too, making the room look larger.

Wainscoting in High Traffic Areas

Looking to make your entranceway look a bit more lively? Then consider wainscoting. This is the process of adding panels to just the lower half of the wall. It’ll create a visually engaging impact while also providing a functional purpose, too. Walls in high-traffic areas tend to suffer scuffs and blemishes, but with wainscoting panels, the wall will be protected.

To get the most visual appeal from the panels, stick to the same colour as the wall or select a slightly different tone.

Use Wall Panels as Door Camouflage

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Have a door that you would prefer your visitors not to see, such as the bathroom entrance or store room? A popular trend is to use panelling to disguise the door so it blends in seamlessly with the wall around it. It’s important to use high-quality panels since weaker materials will buckle following the continual opening and closing of the door.

Back to Black

The Scandinavian-inspired decor has been popular for a while, and that shows no signs of slowing down. To achieve this relaxed, warm, and inviting look, opt for prominent wall panels with a chalky black finish. It’ll look luxurious from the outset, and since it matches with any other colour, it is highly versatile.

For Expert Panelling

Hiring a home design professional can ensure you get the decor results you want
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For high-quality wall panelling decor, you’ll need high-quality wall panels. Head to the MDF Store www.mdfstore.co.uk, where you can find a wide range of outstanding wall panelling/wainscoting products available for purchase.


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