Top 10 Architecture Posts of 2022

Top 10 Architecture Posts of 2022

William Hunter Collective renovated an 80s mountain house into a cedar-clad, modern cabin with the most stunning of details at every turn.

montblanc haus

Designed by Nieto Sobejanos Arquitectos, the new Montblanc Haus takes visitors on a journey through the history of the iconic brand.

rough cabin in the woods with sliding roof that opens to sky

Photo: Jorrit ‘t Hoen

We’re always dreaming of somewhere to go, some place to escape to, so we shared 10 small modern cabins we couldn’t get out of our minds.

exterior view of rustic cottage in woods with orange leaves

An architect couple builds a sustainable Catskills Cottage as an ultra-efficient escape from New York City all year long.

backyard view of an elongated concrete pool that juts out from the earth with a glass panel at the end

Photo: Juan Solano

For some visual enticement, we dove in to show you 10 really cool modern swimming pools we couldn’t and still can’t get enough of!

nestron cube tiny home

Within the 279-square-foot curvilinear confines of the Nestron Cube Two’s galvanized steel pre-fab module awaits the tech-enhanced promise of living large inside a modest space, a tiny home delivering many of the features of a full-size home – complete with built-in piping, sewage, lighting, and electrical system.

side angled view of modern swiss chalet with snowy backdrop

L.S Design designed a Swiss chalet situated on a secluded ridge in Verbier, Switzerland, looking like a sculpture amongst a snowy landscape.

exterior view looking into interior of modern home across from pool

Breeze Blocks is a mid-century house by Kovac Design Studio who fulfilled their request of making the most of the stunning views and indoor/outdoor flow with a dream-worthy backyard.

modern living room with tall ceilings

Architect Omar Gandhi turned a narrow abandoned lot in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia, into his own family home, the OG House.

And the most popular Architecture post of 2022 is…

open modern interior of house with green and blue interior courtyard

Angelucci Architects designed Nido House in Melbourne with a central courtyard that opens up the home while adding a private outdoor space. When the sliding glass doors are open, the courtyard blends with the living spaces creating a light-filled environment with views of the sky.

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