OID's Full Service Design Details

OID’s Full Service Design Details

Here at OID, we’re big believers that not every design offering is a one size fits all sort of thing. Some of you may need more help focusing on furnishings and more of an overall guide, a little push in the right direction if you will, and if so, our Design Light service is where you may start. Not located in the New England region? No worries, we even offer virtual services!

But what about those who need help from start to finish, who have a room or even a whole house in front of them, but do not have the time or the desire to complete the space(s) from top to bottom? OID’s Full Service Interior Design is the most valuable of all our services as we take care of everything from design concepts to putting the finishing touches in your space.

But what does that broad term even mean? 

Let me explain. 

OID’s full service design offerings start at square one and carry you all the way through to the finished line, meaning, a fully furnished and cohesive home (or space). It’s designed for those who are looking for a leader to help with procurement, project management, construction, and someone to see the project all the way through. It’s a four phase process, usually taking place over several months (and sometimes over a year if we are talking renovation as well – we will talk more about renovations in a future post). While time is of course of the essence since a lot of our clients are in the moving process, we never like to rush just for the sake of rushing; intentional, personalized design takes time and we accept and embrace that.

Photo by: Coley Stevens

PHASE 01: On-Boarding 

To get started, information needs to be gathered, from the big picture ideas, all the way down to the little details. Our first official meeting is our Design Consultation where we learn all about you/your family, your space, the goals, and then we conduct site measurements + take photos. We input these measurements into CAD and/or sketchup, and the OID team starts in with initial design ideas via design direction boards, and the spatial planning and furniture layouts commence.

PHASE 02: Design Development 

This is where all the magic really begins, with design possibilities and brainstorming coming into play! We source everything and anything, selecting furniture, rugs, lighting, tile and more; the quantity and details all depending on the scope of work.

The OID team puts together other drawings, such as elevations, perspectives, and more that help our clients visualize our design ideas. And then we put it all together for a Design Presentation for the Client; this is where our design and samples are shared so decisions can be made.  

We work through all proposed selections, landing on the best fits for the Client, and if any new pieces are needed, OID fills in those gaps. Final re-selections are made and then…

PHASE 03: Procurement

With our Full Service design, OID takes care of the whole procurement process where behind the scenes we are gathering quotes, creating purchase orders and monitoring every new piece that’s been chosen for your home. If anyone has furnished a room or even ordered a piece of furniture, you know how time consuming and sometimes frustrating it can be. You typically won’t hear much from us during this phase, but know that we are working on all the details that are necessary to make your new space come together. Additionally, we are coordinating with the shipper receiver companies we partner with to ensure successful arrivals of furnishings, lighting, etc.

As we wait for everything to arrive (and yes, lead times can be a bit scary these days!), the renovation updates to the home are completed or in progress, from wallpaper and paint, to any tiling and electrical/plumbing work. Then comes an intense, but exciting, couple of days…

photo by: Joyelle West

PHASE 04: Installation 

Every piece of the design is brought to the space, installed and styled…this is when the transformations take place! We ask that you take this day (or days!) to do something out of the house so we can work our magic. Our most successful projects have been when the Client completely trusts us and gives us full control during this phase (and well, throughout the entire process!). We schedule one to three days depending on the scale of the project so that each piece we’ve carefully curated is placed into your home with ease and care. We coordinate with contractors to install any remaining art, lighting, etc.

Tada! Sounds simple and easy, and our basic step-by-step process is. With a full service management, we handle it all, so you don’t need to fret about anything, so you can put their trust in experienced hands, making the whole experience (hopefully!) a positive one. 

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