Maximalism reinvented – Home Improvement Blogs

Maximalism reinvented – Home Improvement Blogs

(BPT) – The kitchen is a space that fosters creativity — from the design choices to the art of cooking, it is the heart of the home; a place for people to come together to celebrate and share in abundance. To create a meaningful kitchen, incorporate characteristics of maximalism, such as personal items that showcase individual style and purposeful accent pieces.

Complementing contrasts

Maximalism has existed throughout time, but personalization and avant-garde touches can take it to the next level. Take a cue from previous eras to inspire home design, and do not be afraid to select and pair seemingly contrasting elements, patterns or mediums within a space. Select fixtures with tone-on-tone split finishes to create a grand statement that elevates the traditional home. Create breathtaking variations by combining artistic flair with eclectic features, such as selecting faucets with unique fluting details. These aesthetic choices bring beauty into a space while enhancing the sensory experience.

The Tulham™ Kitchen Collection by Brizo® reimagines every detail by combining elegant contours with art deco motifs for an inventive blend of traditional and avant-garde, making it a great addition to a maximalist-inspired kitchen. When paired with other elements in the space, such as a vintage light fixture or a modern barstool, these distinct attributes can create an intriguing and layered design that makes the space feel and look unlike any other.

The grandeur of technology

The integration of technology is a great way to elevate the kitchen even further; it can be both functional and innovative. Whether it is used to make the room easier to clean or makes cooking more efficient, technology opens up a world of culinary possibilities. The Tulham™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet has both a Touch-Clean® nozzle, to make wiping away mineral deposits simple, and a two-function wand with spray and stream elements to make the faucet as practical as it is lavishly beautiful. Optional SmartTouch® Technology on the Pull-Down and Pull-Down Prep Faucets activates water flow with just a tap, making both clean up and cooking functional without sacrificing style. The Tulham™ Instant Hot Faucet easily coordinates with any aesthetic and can deliver near boiling water, ready at a moment’s notice. From brewing French press coffee to steeping tea, the faucet’s innovative technology elevates even the most ordinary kitchen tasks. With its creative technology and beautiful, artistic details, the Tulham™ Kitchen Collection enhances the art of cooking and brings maximalism to the heart of the home.


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