Make a DIY Makeup Vanity On a Budget

Make a DIY Makeup Vanity On a Budget

Do you want a dreamy makeup vanity for all your beauty products? Having a designated spot to get ready will speed up your preparation while also providing a decorative feature to your bedroom. And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend lots of money to build one. In this post, we feature some simple and affordable vanity ideas. Some of them can be made using inexpensive Ikea finds, so check them all out!

Dresser vanity

The top of your dresser is an ideal place to create a makeup vanity. Make sure to include a mirror with a decorative frame to anchor the vanity. Add makeup storage and enhance with decor that matches your vibe.

dresser and mirror
Photo Credits: Roses and Rain Boots

Rustic makeup vanity

A makeup vanity with wooden details adds charm to your bedroom. We love how they kept this design simple, adding legs to the inexpensive Ikea drawers. The round mirror and cozy throw add a soothing visual touch to this setting.

makeup vanity with round mirror
Photo Credits: New Blooming

Vanity for a small bedroom

The Ikea desk with drawers is famous for being repurposed into other items. In this case, they used it as a vanity instead of a nightstand to save space. The sleek jewel-tone chair adds a touch of elegance to this beauty corner.

white desk in front of green chair
Photo Credits: Typical BlaQueen

Elegant beauty vanity

A sleek vanity with a tufted blush ottoman is an attractive feature for your bedroom. We love how they used a stylish bar cart to provide storage to keep cosmetic products neatly organized.

round mirror makeup vanity
Photo Credits: Haute Off The Rack

Work desk and makeup vanity in one

If you work from home and need a dedicated desk, you might not have space to fit a vanity. In such cases, go for a two-in-one approach. A leaning mirror adds a decorative touch while making it easy to apply makeup. The shelving unit allows you to hide the makeup when you want to get productive and get to work.

desk retro mirror
Photo Credits: Sarah Joy Blog

Industrial style

This simple vanity carries the industrial style to an austere bedroom. The wooden shelf provides storage for makeup, and the round mirror anchors the setting. The industrial-style chair completes the arrangement, which is compact enough to fit in the tiniest of bedrooms.

DIY makeup vanity
Photo Credits: Rock My Style

Vintage meets modern

If you want to create a charming makeup vanity that adds personality to your space, go to your nearest thrift store. A vintage chair and mirror will perfectly complement a sleek shelf, while a woven basket is ideal for storing a hair dryer and curling iron, creating a functional corner for getting ready.

DIY makeup vanity
Photo Credits: Lavender Julep

Sleek vanity

 A sleek white shelf, a minimalist mirror, and an acrylic chair are all you need to curate a modern makeup corner. The small acrylic drawers are ideal for keeping your makeup neat and organized.

DIY makeup vanity
Photo Credits: Wellesley And King


We love how they turned an inexpensive Ikea desk into a modern, chic makeup vanity. The blush chair enhances the setting and is complemented by a wall frame in the same color.

white desk in front of a pink chair
Photo Credits: Mama a la Mode

Edgy vanity

The simple yet edgy design features a floating shelf with built-in storage and golden details that add a luxurious feel. 

round mirror makeup shelf
Photo Credits: Rain On A Tin Roof

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