Important winter home improvement projects

Important winter home improvement projects

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The holiday season in the UK is a mix of festive fun and trying to escape the cold and wet weather. So as well as decorating the house with trees and tinsel, it’s a good idea to weatherproof it to make sure this happy holiday season is a cosy one.

Here are our top jobs to do around the house this winter.

Fit draught excluders on your windows and doors

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The first step to warming up your home is to make sure cold air can’t get in. So use some kind of draught-proofing like draught excluder tape to seal up gaps around doors and windows. Flexible sealant also works well, alongside brush strips at the bottom of external doors and in letterboxes. Thermal curtains and blinds make a real difference too, especially in homes with single glazing.

Find a trusted tradesperson who can complete this energy and cost-saving project for you.


Fit lagging for pipes

Picture of pipes with lagging to prevent them from freezing

Burst or blocked pipes caused by freezing is a common winter mishap. Avoid this issue by using pipe lagging. This is the process of fitting pipes with insulation to ensure they don’t get too cold if they’re outside or in a part of the house that is likely to get below 2 degrees. You can also do this on hot cylinders and hot water tanks if needed.

You can lag a pipe with felt or foam to reduce heat loss, bills and the chance of freezing or bursting issues. Consult a plumber if you’re unsure how to secure your pipes during winter.

How to bleed a radiator

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Ever wondered if your radiators were working properly? They could have air trapped inside them preventing proper circulation. In that case, you’ll need to bleed the radiator. This is a fairly simple process. Turn off the heating, open the radiator valve with the radiator key, let the air escape and close the valve when the air is replaced by liquid. To double-check your work, turn the heating back on and check the gauge on your boiler.

A tradesperson can bleed your radiators for you. It’s worth the money to stay warm and reduce your energy bill.


Clean gutters to prevent roof damage

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The roof collecting rain, snow or ice is a bad sign. It could lead to serious damage that you especially don’t want to deal with in winter. So make sure you are keeping your gutters clean. It ensures rainwater flows away from the house.

Climb a ladder to check for and remove any blockages like leaves at least once a season. It’s worth another check after an intense storm. If this is out of your comfort zone, our tradespeople offer cleaning gutter services.


Staying safe and warm in winter

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It’s all about maintaining your home and securing key infrastructure against potential damage from the weather. While you can do these jobs yourself, if you or someone you know is vulnerable, it’s better to get professional help to avoid any accidents or complications. The tradespeople at Rated People are happy to help. With demand for tradespeople increasing by 32% in 2021, book these winter home improvement projects sooner rather than later.


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