Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes: 8 Quick Solutions

Are you trying to find out the perfect way to get dog hair out of clothes?

If you are a pet lover then you can not get rid of your dogs or cats despite how much mess they create. Being a dog owner, you all can relate to the fact that how your house including clothes and furniture become disordered due to their litter and hair.

In such a case, you need a perfect solution that actually works and let you get rid of them as soon as possible.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes?

  1. Use all the tools including the kitchen sponge, lint rollers, and brushes before washing your clothes in the machine.
  2. Putting your clothes in the dryer first will also be helpful.
  3. Vinegar is the best solution that makes the hair soften and easy to clean.
  4. Hand steamer is an ideal choice in this regard.
  5. Different Dryer sheets are available that you can consider getting rid of dog hair.
  6. Applying a vacuum cleaner is also helpful.
  7. You can buy different covers or large blankets to cover your couches.


Tools and Materials Required

With a few tools or materials, you can successfully complete this task at home without the need to call someone and give them extra money for cleaning. Those important products that should be in your hands before starting the task are:

1. Dryer Sheets

There are some dryer sheets available online which are specially designed to remove pet hair from clothes. These sheets are enriched with some antistatic properties that make the hair loosen so that you can easily spot and clean them. They also have an amazing smell.

Dryer Sheets

2. Wool Dryer Balls

It is a reusable solution that also manages to make the hair loosen so that you can easily remove them from your clothes. These balls are easily available in stores.

3. Dish Sponge

It is the dog hair remover for clothes that you should try before washing them in the washing machine.

4. Classic Lint Roller

These useful rollers also prove to be the best hack for removing dog hair from your clothes. A few other accessories that you must have are:

Methods to Remove Dog Hair

Now you have all the items listed below, let’s get straight to the point that will be surely helpful for you in this regard. The methods include:

Vinegar to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

You can get rid of hair with machine wash but what about using some tools before putting your clothes into the machine? Various tools are available that are specially designed for this purpose.

You do not need to get your hands on each tool as buying 1 or 2 would be enough. Firstly, shake the clothing so that you can remove hair as much as possible. Once you are done, consider the following below-mentioned tools for efficient results.

Lint Rollers

The classic lint rollers might be new for many people but it is the most useful tool you will ever come across. They make the process of removing pet hair super easy and comfortable.

It is a sticky paper that you have to wrap over your shirt so that the hair becomes loosened and quickly come out. If you are a pet owner, you must be familiar with this tool.

Fabric Brushes

If you do not have lint rollers or don’t want to use them, here is the best alternative i.e Fabric Brushes. If you choose the best fabric brush then you will also get specially built fur removers that will make the cleaning more easy and fun.

Fabric Brushes

Kitchen Sponge

Here comes another great product that can be utilized for this purpose. You can consider a kitchen sponge not only on clothes but kitchens and other appliances as well.

If your clothes are full of pet hair, it is better to use a dryer first before machine washing them. It makes the fabric soft and also makes this process easy. Simply put your clothes into the dryer for at least 10 minutes in a no-heat cycle.

Use Dryer Before Machine Washing the clothes

You can also add a damp cloth in order to get more effective results. Once the cycle is finished, you will surely experience hair-free clothes.

Vinegar is an ingredient that is available at everyone’s house but have you ever realized how powerful it is in terms of cleaning purposes?

No doubt it adds taste to the food but the way it deals with messes, stains, and other things is also worth appreciating. It makes the fabric soften so that you can easily deal with sticky pet hair.

Take a cup and add almost 1 and a half amount of vinegar into it and then put it into a running cycle. You might be worried about the smell that it causes.

The smell completely evaporates when you run a cycle yet for your own satisfaction, you can keep the quantity less. It is one of the best home remedies to remove pet hair from clothes.

If a handheld steamer is also accessible in your house, you are good to go. When you apply this cleaner n the cloth, it makes the dog hair soften so that they are easily removed.

Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Hand-Held Steamer to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

Along with the hand-held steamer, you also get a lot of accessories that can also be utilized in this cleaning process. Hence, this steamer is another great and useful product that you can use for better results.

The dryer sheets for pet hair are another great addition that you can think about in your machine cleaning process. It not only ket you get rid of every type of hair but also gives a pleasant scent to your clothes.

These sheets are made of liquid softeners and a pleasant fragrance is coated on the fabric. After the laundry, you will surely feel the fabric soft. It is the best way to remove dog hair from clothes.

What about using a vacuum cleaner that is an ideal choice to deal with different kinds of messes including dirt, grime, and pet hair as well?

Whether you are sick of your pet hair lying on the carpets or your clothes are full of such hair, the vacuum cleaner is the best solution that is also available almost in every house.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

However, ensure the vacuum you are using is compatible with the carpet’s fiber. The accessories you get along with the carpet also make your cleaning quicker and more efficient.

Get your hands on the best vacuum cleaner and apply it over the clothes, furniture, or carpets before machine washing them. It is the best way to get dog hair off furniture. Moreover, you can also get dog hair out of blankets with this method.

If you are a pet lover you know how important it is to cuddle with your pets all day long. While cuddling, their hair sticks to the sofas and your clothes creating a lot of mess.

If you can not get out of this situation then why not cover your couches? After every month you can easily machine wash the covers without worrying about anything.

These covers will also protect your furniture from dog urine and litter. Another great option is to get your hands on a large blanket that easily covers the entire sofa so that they are safe from any unpleased accident.


All the above-mentioned points are helpful to deal with pet hair but if you follow all the necessary precautions, you can completely avoid this issue. With a little effort, you can minimize pet hair so that you do not have to put yourself in a situation.

One of the best solutions is to pay special concentration to the grooming of your pets so that they learn why not to create mess everywhere. Moreover, if you bathe your pet regularly, it will never shed a huge amount of hair every next day.

Hence, you can get rid of dog hair in the washing machine. Before bathing the, make sure the place is clean. You can also use an anti-shedding shampoo in this regard that is easily available from stores.

Apart from regular bathing regular brushing should also be added to your routine. A few brushes that you can think about for this purpose are glove brushes, dematting combs, etc.

Dogs usually shed hair in the fall and spring seasons so be prepared during this time.

Heaviest Shedding Dog Breeds

Every type of dog shed hair but the quantity of hair varies depending on what type of dog breed you have. There are a few dog breeds that shed a massive amount of hair and if you have purchased them without knowing it.

Heaviest Shedding Dog Breeds

You will have to deal with such a problem every now and then. Let’s talk about a few dogs that shed a massive amount of hair.

1. German Shepherd Dogs

It is a double-coated dog that shed a lot of hair so if you have one you must experience this issue every day. Hence, in the fall and spring seasons, you must take care of them by following all the precautions mentioned above.

2. Labrador Retrievers

They contain heavy coats that keep them warm in extreme winter weather so if you have one, be ready to experience a lot of hair.

3. Akitas

They are from Japan and contain heavy and thick coats. They shed a lot of hair so if you are about to purchase them, rethink.

4. Bernese Mountain Dogs

They are one of the most loved breeds but unfortunately, heavily shredded. Hence, ensure to brush them more often to avoid a huge mess all over your house.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at some commonly asked questions regarding dogs’ hair standing up. The queries are:

How Can You Get Dog Hair Out of Your Washing Machine?

Vinegar is the best solution to thoroughly clean your machine and make it dog hair free. Add a small quantity of vinegar to the running cycle without any laundry for a few minutes.

Once the cycle is stopped, get your hands on a damp cloth and remove it.

How Do You Get Dog Hair Out of Your Laundry?

You have different methods to follow if you are dealing with such a problem. Use dryer sheets, you can add vinegar, apply a vacuum cleaner or handheld streamer, etc.

What Home Remedy Gets Dog Hair Out of Clothes?

Using vinegar to get the dog hair out of your clothes and carpets is the best remedy you should think about.

Final Thoughts

Dog hair on clothes is one of the most irritating situations that you have to deal with if your pets shed them regularly. I hope this article will help you Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes successfully.

You can easily follow the above-mentioned steps because most of the ingredients will surely be available in your home. Moreover, it is better to buy a dog before inquiring about its breed to know whether it shed a lot of hair or not.

I have also mentioned a few precautions that would be helpful to deal with this problem successfully. I hope this article will be helpful for you in the future and it will assist you in how to keep your clothes and house pet hair free.

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