How Marvin Infinity® Windows Keep You Warm in Winter

How Marvin Infinity® Windows Keep You Warm in Winter

Many homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area have drafty windows leaking cold air each winter.  What can cause drafty windows depends on a variety of reasons.  Many times, windows are past their prime and are underperforming.  In other cases, a home may have a builder grade window replacement – this means energy efficient windows were not used.  Instead, the residential windows were the lowest quality allowed by code.

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Drafts happening in new house windows can mean the job wasn’t done right.  Regardless of the cause, drafts in windows can raise energy bills and lower levels of comfort.  Many times, the most straightforward solution is a new insulated window.

4 Reasons Marvin Infinity® Windows Are Ideal For Twin Cities & Western Wisconsin Homeowners In The Winter Months

1. Window Replacement Craftsmanship

Ordinary residential windows come in stock sizes.  This creates a scenario where drafts and leaky windows become more likely when the stock size doesn’t fit exactly with a home’s window shape/size.  Infinity Windows by Marvin avoid this issue because they’re custom-made for each home.  This allows for a perfect fit with each window installation.  

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2. Infinity Ultrex® Fiberglass From Marvin

Ultrex fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl.  This is important because it resists the expansion and contraction of climate.  Less expansion and contraction around windows reduce the likelihood of drafts taking place.  An added perk is that Ultrex’s narrow frame allows more natural light to enter a home, which can keep a home warmer in the winter.

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3. Insulated Window Glass

An insulated window with energy-efficient glass can have a big impact on your home’s comfort.  Infinity Windows by Marvin have a glass pack that keeps heat in during the winter months.   This equates to a more energy efficient house and lower heating bills in the winter.

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4. A Local Minnesota Company Committed To Creating Energy Efficient Windows

Marvin Infinity Windows are 5000 times less thermally conductive than aluminum windows.  This makes them less likely to experience winter window condensation.  They’re also made by a family-owned business that works to reduce energy costs for homeowners.

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Why Custom Infinity Windows Are The Ideal Addition To Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Homes

Not only do Marvin windows keep winter drafts away, they also come in an array of customizable options.  Explore the numerous elements you can choose for your windows below:

EverWood® Engineered Finish

Exclusive to the Infinity® windows, Everwood® Engineered Finish looks like real wood.  A perk is that it does not need frequent painting and staining.  Homeowners like that their custom windows can have the same finish as their home’s woodwork.

Marvin Infinity Everwood Plymouth MN

Custom Window Styles And Shapes

There are many Infinity specialty shapes that give homeowners creative control.  Popular options include triangle, hexagon, and trapezoid.

Marvin Infinity Roundtop WIndow

Attractive Replacement Window Hardware

Hardware options are available in a variety of colors and finishes.  This ensures that your Marvin replacement windows match the style of hardware that’s already been installed in your home.

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Your Trusted & Reliable Local Window Installers

Since 1979, Lindus Construction has been installing windows in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  We make it a priority to install long-lasting energy efficient windows.  We promise expert craftsmanship and a lifetime workmanship guarantee.  Contact us if you have any questions for a complimentary estimate today to streamline your project.

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