How long does it take to Move House in Stockport in 2022? 

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Are you looking forward to upgrading or buying a new home in Stockport? Moving to a new home in the UK takes a different time depending on where and what type of property you buy. How fast you move depends on the real estate agent and conveyancer you work with.

According to Rightmove, it takes up to three months to move to the UK. However, the average moving time varies in different locations. If you are planning to move, you should have pictured yourself in a new home by the end of the year. 

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The good news is that with the current moving time, you can start your property search and move to a new property by the end of the year.

Why is moving taking longer in Stockport? 

It takes an average of 150 days or three months to reach the completion date from when an offer is agreed upon in Stockport. However, this timeline is 50 days longer than it used to be in 2019.

There are many reasons why it takes longer to complete or move property in Stockport. For instance, when there is a chain of conveyancing, the time between accepting your offer and getting the keys to your property is longer. 

There are so many people conveying in the UK, and they all want to move as soon as possible. This makes the conveyancing process take longer than it was in the year’s first half. At least half a million homes are sold in the UK subject to contract, and most buyers are still awaiting completion.

Since last month, there has been a slight decrease in homebuyer demand. However, this will not be enough to loosen the delays we are seeing. With so many people waiting to move, most estate agents are looking for homebuyers ready to complete and ensure the sale is going through quickly.

How to move fast in Stockport

If you have a home in Stockport or want to buy one, the best you can do is research the market. For sellers, you should list your property for sale before you can start looking for a buyer. 

Whether selling or buying a home, you should avoid any issues that can cause delays when moving. For instance not instructing your conveyancer on time can cause delays and setbacks in moving property. 

When buying property on a mortgage, you should ensure you have a mortgage in principle or home loan before viewing the property. In most cases, a seller’s estate agent will ask for a home approval letter and confirmation that you can apply and qualify for a mortgage and get the funds to pay the house deposit.

Final Thoughts 

When buying property in Stockport, you should instruct your conveyancer as soon as possible. Get the funds ready and prepare all your documents when you get an offer. With the right conveyancer, it should not take much time to complete and move to your new property before the year ends.

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