How Does Roof Insulation Work

Most people now understand that insulation is essential to any commercial or residential building. How does insulation work? Thermal insulation comprises materials such as polyester or glass wool that slow down the heat.

This article will explain the science behind the insulation. There are many insulation products, and knowing how they work will help you select the right product.

How Does Insulation Work?

Insulation materials are primarily designed to resist radiation and conduct thermal energy. Below, we will explain how the two main types of home insulation, reflective and bulk insulation, resist heat transfer.

Reflective insulation acts like a radiant barrier. The reflective insulation is composed of a thin foil layer on one side. Reflective insulation installed on the roof with the foil facing down will reflect solar radiation away from your home.

Bulk insulation traps millions of air pockets that break up heat flow and slow down heat conduction into your home. Bulk insulation is often made of glass wool (fiberglass insulation) or polyester.

You should keep bulk insulation during installation. This will decrease the effectiveness of the insulation and reduce the number of air pockets. Insulation products with a higher R-value will have more air pockets, making them more efficient at resisting thermal energy conduction than those with a lower value.
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