How Color Impacts + Evokes Emotion In Your Home

How Color Impacts + Evokes Emotion In Your Home

How To Confidently Curate Colors for Your Space?

How Do You Want to Feel?

It’s great to know which interior color palettes make magic for you. Really, you have to begin with that assessment of how do you want to feel when your in your home + what colors do you gravitate towards that are in alignment with that particular feeling. 

  • Do you want to feel relaxed? Restored? Inspired? A combination?  

  • Do you want a kitchen that feels energized? Lively? Communal?

  • A living room that exudes calmness + serenity?

  • Or a bedroom that wows you upon entering but is the perfect place in your home to rest?

Whatever your desires are for the feeling in your home, we want to begin with the end in mind.

Is There A Color Palette Already?

Paint colors aren’t the only way we can introduce or update an interior house color. 

So, depending on the scope of your project (whether we’re simply furnishing + styling a few rooms in your home, completing a large scale renovation or designing your entire home top-to-bottom), we’ll consider is there already a color palette present — like a neutral backdrop that we can tie into designing your home OR do we need to create an entirely new color palette for you.

Either way, considering what’s existing is an important step in ensuring that the right colors are being curated for your home.

How Can We Start Incorporating Color?

Feeling a little color cautious? Hold my hand, babe!

We don’t have to “gung-ho it” with the brightest shades we can find. As I previously mentioned, we don’t even have to add color on the walls.

Knowing how much light is available in your home + what kinds of lights… we can then think about furnishing accents. Whether that’s color in a tasteful rug. Color in a throw blanket or set of pillows. Or color in the home decor accessories that we incorporate into your home?

A little color here and there can add so much personality to your home. Color evokes emotion — sometimes that’s in pops of color, neutral color or even in the absence of color all together.

Sometimes — color is on the walls or ceilings. Sometimes color is incorporated into the floor + sometimes color is in the furniture + furnishings.

Now that’s the good stuff. 😉

Whichever way you spin it, color can be for anyone + everyone. If you like it, it’s not right or wrong… it’s simply you. Having confidence in the color curation for your home comes from understanding what you like + how you want to feel in your home — that’s harmony. 

It’s a consciousness of how color impacts emotions that you consider as you incorporate and lean into building, designing, furnishing + styling your home. And when done the right way, it has profound, significant, and truly transformative effects on our health + well-being. On our mood + how we behave — together + apart.

Not to worry boo — we’re here. If you haven’t already, check out our 4 Days To A More Beautiful + Functional Home and when you’re ready to begin your transformational journey — let’s chat.

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