How can I make my old conservatory look better?

How can I make my old conservatory look better?

If you’re wondering how do you modernise an old conservatory, you’re not alone! Common issues with historic conservatory structures include extreme temperatures that prevent comfortable enjoyment, damaging condensation, damp, and mould, lacklustre leaking roofs, faded conservatory furniture due to excessive UV exposure, and poor exterior sound insulation.

So, if any of these old conservatory problems sound familiar and you need to do something to regain your glazed extension without having to completely rebuild it, we’ve written this blog especially for you!

How can you update an existing conservatory?

With a range of budgets in mind, as well as the issues raised above, here are five ways to revamp your tired conservatory space into a functional room the whole family can enjoy for many more years to come.

1. Make your conservatory more attractive to buyers by making it more efficient

With uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the energy price cap, thermal efficiency of a property has never been as important to buyers looking to climb the property ladder. So, if you’re suffering from a conservatory that’s too hot to use in summer and too cold in winter, making sure its windows, doors, and roof are performing to their optimum for thermal efficiency.

2. Get rid of condensation

Window condensation close up

Thought to affect almost 1 in 5 homes in the UK, condensation, damp, and mould is incredibly unsightly as well as harmful to you and your family’s health. Often involving older conservatories, effective ways to prevent condensation and mould from forming inside include making sure windows and doors are regularly left open to let the air flow through and investing in a dehumidifier. If your budget will stretch further, it’s worth considering replacing your windows with modern Comfort Glass in areas prone to condensation, as well as replacing windows and doors with modern profiles that incorporate purifying trickle vents.

3. Eliminate leaks with a rejuvenating conservatory roof replacement

Replacing your old conservatory roof may seem like a lot of work but, compared to building a brand new structure, it can be done quickly and easily with the right double glazing company. Designed to make annoying leaks a thing of the past, whilst reducing the pressure on rising energy bills, a modern tiled conservatory roof replacement will also make your conservatory space feel more like a room rather than an ‘add-on’.

4. Reduce heat and glare in your conservatory

Double glazing profiles

The type of roof glazing you have will make the biggest difference in reducing the heat and glare of the sun, with advanced reflective solar control glass working wonders even in the hottest conservatory spaces. Causing premature furniture fade and impacting your vision with the blinding glare of the sun, it’s also worth looking into solar blinds. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more modern window covering, integral blinds can add a contemporary touch to bifold doors, windows, and conservatories in a variety of settings.

5. Improve sound insulation by updating your conservatory glass

If your conservatory isn’t performing well in reducing the noise outside, replacing the glass in your conservatory windows, doors, and roof could be the answer to making it quieter and perform better. Offering a wide range of glazing options, conservatory glazing upgrades to consider include:

How do you transform a conservatory? Contact SEHBAC of course!

From insulating your existing conservatory roof to updating the glazing and everything in between, contact us today for expert knowledge and advice that will enable you to transform your old conservatory into a beautiful space that can be enjoyed all year round.

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