Home Decor Color Trends 2023

Home Decor Color Trends 2023

Color is a critical part of interior design. Every year, color experts from leading paint brands and interior designers in the U.S. and beyond choose and publish their “color of the year” and accompanying color palettes. These color trends end up in our home walls and other indoor spaces.

The color selections are largely influenced by cultural shifts, fashion trends, worldwide events, among other factors. Judging from the latest signature announcements from color experts, 2023 will be the year of bold colors.

Leading color experts in the U.S. reiterate that the era of cool and neutral color tones is over. This can be attributed to an increasing willingness for people to experiment and become more adventurous with color choices as a means of expression. If you care to know which home décor color trends will dominate 2023, here’s what the experts think.

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Raspberry Blush

Leading U.S. manufacturer of paints and stains, Benjamin Moore, has chosen a bold and cheerful coral shade – Raspberry Blush, tingled with pink as the brand’s 2023 color of the year. Their 2023 color pallet is composed of seven other bold colors that push traditional boundaries. They include Conch Shell, Wenge, Cinnamon, New Age, Starry Night Blue, Savanna Green, and North Sea Green.

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Redent Point

Leading American paint company, Sherwin-Williams, has also announced their 2023 color – Redent Point, described as a “soulful” blush-beige. The color builds on bold earthy tones that consumers have been preferring. The color offers a natural shift from white and gray.

Terra Rosa

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Leading paint manufacturer, Dunn-Edwards, has chosen Terra Rosa as their color of the year. The color can be described as a deep and rosy pink hue that exudes confidence and coziness.

Blank Canvas

Behr, a leading supplier of DIY paint in the U.S. and Canada, has chosen Blank Canvas as their 2023 color. Black Canvas is an off-white shade perfect for a color-reluctant homeowner keen on a warmer, barely off-white hue representing a fresh start.

2023: The Year of Earthy Tones, Bold Dark Colors, and Pink/Rose Hues

The above colors fall into three main categories, namely earth tones, bold dark colors, and pink/rose hues. Terra Rosa and Redent Point are perfect examples of pink-infused hues. Black Canvas is a bold dark color that homeowners have become increasingly comfortable with. Raspberry blush falls under earthy tones. What’s more, warm neutral colors are set to replace all white as they pair better with bold colors and the vibrant interiors of 2023. We can therefore assume these colors and categories to be the basis of home decor color trends 2023.


While there are many colors of the year that aren’t discussed above, there is a general consensus on the bold color trend. Many other paint companies, the experts behind the companies and renowned interior design experts agree that homeowners have begun embracing bold colors they previously avoided. Consider earthy tones, pink hues, bold dark colors, and warm neutrals if you wish to have a trendy home that will stand out in 2023.

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