A guide for dog-friendly interior design

A guide for dog-friendly interior design

Picture of a living room with a doggy bed and pillows

There is an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs in the UK! We’re dog lovers for sure. If getting a puppy is at the top of your wish list, there are a few things you should prepare in advance, in order to get your home ready to welcome your new furry friend.

So, for advice on creating a pet home your dog will love, keep reading!

Picking the right pet for your home

A guide for dog-friendly interior design

Owning a pet is a big deal. To prioritise animal welfare, you should consider 3 important factors before you choose a pet. These are: how much space, time and money do you have to dedicate to your new family member?

But, most importantly, what changes will you need to make to your home in order to be able to properly accommodate your new pet?

Dogs and puppies

Dachshund asleep in basket

The needs of a pet dog will depend on its breed and age, but there are also some general consistencies. They need space to play, rest and go to the toilet. If those needs aren’t met, you’re at risk of having a messy and destructive dog. So, make sure you prepare your home beforehand.

Here are some of your options if you’re preparing for a puppy:

Design a luxury dog room

Picture of a dog with luxury modern dog house

There are plenty of dog bedroom ideas to create a space your pet dog loves. You can fill it with engaging toys, a soft bed and an automatic feeder. Give them extra freedom by situating the room on the ground floor with access to a door that can be automated to let them out into the garden.

Install a traditional dog kennel

Picture of two wooden dog kennels with dog food bowls

An outdoor wooden kennel might fit the bill for your family. It gives your dog the freedom to explore outside while still having shelter in bad weather or when they just want a rest. Cabinet or under-stair kennels work just as well at giving your dog their own space.

To start your kennel transformation, find a carpenter on Rated People.


Create a dog nook

Picture of two dogs with little teepee

You could go open plan and create a nook in your home where your dog bed, feeder and toys are kept. This keeps everything organised without taking up too much space. Not all dogs (especially smaller breeds) need a separate kennel. A luxury dog bed in a quiet doggy rest area is perfect for them. Creating multi-functional spaces like this was one of the most popular home improvement projects in 2021.

How to make your home dog-friendly

Picture of a dog in doggy bed with toys

From a whole room to just a nook, there are lots of ways you can make your new dog feel at home. For advice on the needs of different breeds and safety considerations, consult your vet, rescue centre or animal welfare charities. When you’re ready to make your home dog-friendly, post a job on Rated People to receive the support of expert tradespeople.


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