A grey living kitchen with historical windows

A grey living kitchen with historical windows

A beautiful open-plan concept living kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets, a grey color palette in the furniture and historic windows

A Living kitchen is becoming more and more common these days as the average surface available in homes nowadays gets reduced a lot, especially when you live in a city. When planned right, an open-concept kitchen living room can be such a great space-saving solution that contributes to a living situation that is centered around the kitchen as the heart of the home.

A grey living kitchen in a historical building

The living kitchen in this beautiful apartment looks really impressive with those high ceilings and historic windows. The kitchen layout is planned on one side of the space with minimal grey cabinets from Ikea enhanced with white marble countertops, leather handles, and a brass faucet for a more sophisticated look.

The dining table takes its place in between the kitchen and the living room, which makes it the central area in the space, where everyone can gather for breakfast, or where guests can join for dinner. The style of the sofa area matches well with the kitchen as the grey of the kitchen cabinets comes back in the sofa and the area rug and the cognac leather vintage armchair match the handles on the kitchen doors.

Having the living room so close to the kitchen is really nice for when you have friends over, as you will all be in the same space while dinner is prepared.

How to separate the kitchen from the living room

In this beautiful example, the kitchen has been built in a niche space, filling both walls. This L-shape in itself creates a visual distinction from the rest of the room and by placing the dining table in the middle, you have a nice flow of the layout.

You might also opt for a kitchen with an island, which divides the space up, yet allows the layout to flow. You can find an example of this here and here.

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