A Beautiful Living Room / Home Office, Designed in a Click! — DESIGNED

A Beautiful Living Room / Home Office, Designed in a Click! — DESIGNED

She just wanted some input on tweaking things in that last, final layer of decorating. I was happy to weigh in.

Questions for this living room / home office

This homeowner really loved how the room functioned. She loved the desk at the window and used it as a standing desk mainly, but liked the Windsor chair there to sit in sometimes. She wondered if that area was too much leggy wood furniture and if it should be softened up there.

She also wanted to hang some more art that she had collected but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it.

Then, she thought the corners of the room felt a little vacant and wanted to see how to fill them out. She had a wood bookcase, same color tone as the desk, and was considering that for use in here, although she didn’t really need the storage.

Suggestions for final tweaks to living room / home office

I’d move that existing round side table over to the other side of the sofa, between the sofa and single upholstered chair. Then you can push that chair more angled, closer to the table. 

Then, for something a little more substantial looking, I’d go with some wood, to sort of bring the wood tone from the window wall over to the other side of the room. Something like this wood side table.   

It will add some weight to that wall and then you can push those two chairs in together with the table just a tiny bit.

I love the idea of a gallery wall, and really, I think it would be nice to put it on the wall where the two chairs and single bird art is now. I think that bird art piece is the perfect size and scale for the opposite wall with the door, and will fill in that area nicely. As it is now, with the verticality that it has, it is contributing to the corners feeling a little empty.

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