12 Creative Ideas For Using Old Trunks In Your Interior Décor

12 Creative Ideas For Using Old Trunks In Your Interior Décor

Do you have an old trunk sitting in the attic collecting dust? Before you relegate it to a life of obscurity, why not consider upcycling it into an eye-catching statement piece for your home décor? With a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can transform an old trunk into a stylish addition to any room. This blog post will share 11 creative ideas for using old trunks in your interior décor.

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1) A rustic coffee table

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If you’ve got an old trunk, consider repurposing it into a rustic coffee table! Not only will it add a unique look to your living room, but it can be a great conversation piece. To get started, make sure your trunk is in good condition and give it a good cleaning. Then, you can style the trunk however you’d like. Add some books, magazines, or even a tray on top with some decorative items. You can also dress up the sides with patterned fabric or wood panels. If you want to take it a step further, add some wheels to the bottom for easy moving.

2) An ottoman

This upcycled furnishing can be customized with paint, fabric, and embellishments, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece that suits your style. To make a trunk ottoman, remove the lid, line the interior with foam cushioning, and cover the trunk with fabric or leather. Place a piece of wood across the top and fasten it to the sides to hold it in place.

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3) A bookshelf

If you have an abundance of books but limited space to store them, consider turning an old trunk into a stylish bookshelf. Consider the height and shape of your bookshelf before deciding on the length and width; keep these dimensions proportional. One popular way to add character is by installing one or more trays on top for even more storage options.

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4) A storage bench

A storage bench made from an old trunk is a great way to repurpose a vintage piece and an attractive and practical addition to any room. The top of the trunk can be used for storage, and the bench can be used for seating. It’s a great way to add extra seating to a living room or bedroom, or it can be used in an entryway or mudroom for additional storage.

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5) End tables

You can place the trunk between two chairs or sofas to give a cozy feel to the area and create a warm atmosphere. You can paint the trunk or leave it as is to create a unique look. You can also use the trunk as a statement piece in your living room by placing a lamp or other decorative items.

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6) A play kitchen

An old trunk can easily be transformed into a play kitchen for your children. All you need is some creative thinking and a few materials. To start, paint the outside of the trunk in the color of your choice. Then, use fabric to create a stovetop on the lid and add fun details such as knobs, handles, and dials. You could even put an old sink inside the trunk. This will provide hours of imaginative playtime for your little ones! Add some plastic dishes and utensils, and they’re ready to cook up some delicious pretend meals.

7) A dollhouse

A dollhouse is a perfect use for an old trunk. You can paint and embellish it with fabric, paper, and ribbons. Let your little one’s imagination run wild with this creative idea!

8) A pet bed

Using an old trunk as a pet bed is a creative and unique way to spruce up your home while providing your pet with a cozy, relaxing spot. Start by cleaning the trunk and sanding any rough patches. If you wish to add some color, use a non-toxic spray paint that won’t harm your pet. Once the trunk is ready, line the interior with soft material such as a blanket or cushion.

9) A planter

This option is ideal for larger trunks, as the depth and width provide plenty of room to accommodate a large variety of plants. Place a planter liner or other material, such as stones, at the bottom of the trunk to get started. Then, add soil and whatever type of indoor plants you desire. You can also use a combination of plants, including trailing varieties, that will spill out of the trunk for added interest.

10) A bar

Whether you’re looking for something small to store liquor or a large display piece for hosting parties, an old trunk can make a great bar. To make your trunk bar, choose the right trunk for your space. Once you have your trunk, it’s time to get creative. Add shelves, racks, and other storage solutions inside the trunk to organize your bottles and glasses. You can also add lighting, mirrors, or artwork to the outside of the trunk for a more stylish look. Lastly, you can use extra fabric to line the inside of the trunk and create a soft cushioning for fragile glassware.

11) A night stand

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In a nutshell, old trunks are an under-appreciated way to add character and charm to any room. Not only can they be used as storage, but they also make a great statement piece. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these unique pieces of furniture that were once thought of as just plain inconvenient.

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